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Salad Recipes

Who says salads are boring and tasteless. We at Diet Reference present you with healthy salad recipes ideas that will not only help you keep track of your calorie consumption but also provide your taste buds a treat to remember. Our salad diet recipes are perfect for weight watches and individuals like you who are looking to shed off excessive pounds and feel healthy.

Our healthy food plan are perfect for both men and women alike who like to add a zesty flavor to any of the diet meals they prepare for themselves and their families. Simply our salad recipes will help you lose weight and also let you enjoy delicious food. We also provide smart cooking strategies for healthy meals to shed off excessive pounds and maintain your weight loss in the long run.

Diet Reference salad recipes are carefully selected so they are tasty and filling without being fattening. These salads recipes will not only provide all the necessary nutrients to the body to keep it fit and healthy, they will also satisfy your cravings as well. We have delicious salad recipes that combine a variety of flavors that is tasty and filling for the whole family to enjoy and love them.

Serve and enjoy Diet Reference mouthwatering salad recipes. Our home cooked and tasted recipes use different ingredients and seasoning to make one of the most delicious and healthy salads. We also provide all the nutritional facts to give you all the necessary information to keep track of your calorie intake per serving. We also guarantee that you will never face food boredom again.

Browse through our selected assorted delicious salads and enjoy a healthy hearty meal.

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Arugula with Blue Cheese, Pistachios and Pomegranates Salad Recipe Arugula with Pomegranates, Blue Cheese and Pistachios Recipe

The Arugula with Blue Cheese, Pistachios and Pomegranates is a simple yet elegant salad which packs a a burst of flavor in every bite. Try it on special occasions and impress your guest with this quick and easy dish to prepare.

Baby Red Potato Salad Recipe Baby Red Potato Salad Recipe

This Baby Red Potato Salad recipe really adds a new twist to the traditional potato salad that is loaded with mayonnaise. Its really yummy and provides vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, iron, and dietary fiber in a single meal. Enjoy this really satisfying salad!

Orange Salad with Pecans, Gorgonzola and Baby Greens Recipe Blood Orange Salad with Gorgonzola, Pecans and Baby Greens Recipe

Don’t you just love salads as you can have them any way you like. The oranges in this salad recipe do add a real twist to its taste. Have it as a side dish or even an afternoon meal and enjoy this yummy salad.

Salmon Sandwich and Avocado Egg Salad Recipe The Avocado Egg Salad and Salmon Sandwich

The Avocado Egg Salad and Salmon Sandwich is packed with protein and loaded with nutrients to get your day started with full of energy.

Crab Guacamole Recipe Crab Guacamole

Want a quick solution for your afternoon snack to take care of those food cravings. Try this Crab Guacamole dip served with Tortilla chips or Black Bean chips to take care of your food binds and keep your diet on track.

Chicken Salad Recipe Chicken Salad

Oh boy don’t you just love the Chicken Salad. There may be many ways to prepare one but try my method you will just love it. It is healthy and rich and provides all the necessary nutrients to the body. Try it, you will most definitely love it.

Black Bean Taco Salad and Crock Pot Chicken Recipe Easy Crock Pot Chicken and Black Bean Taco Salad Recipe

Crock Pot Chicken and Black Bean Taco Salad is a scrumptious dish which is really well rounded dish high in nutrients, protein and fiber. The kids just love it as it does provide all the necessary energy for them to keep healthy and fit. Its just amazing!