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Zantrex 3 is a diet supplement that is advertised to boosts metabolism and help burn fat fast. This product can be purchased from its official website but very little information is provided on its official page. The manufacturer claims that it’s not like any other weight loss product as it gives five times better results than any other weight loss product available today.

This diet supplement is advised to be consumed two tablets before the main meal and should not be consumed more than 4 pills daily. They also claim that Zantrex 3 Ephedra-free but many health nutritionists believe that the reason behind such quick results flags the presence of Ephedra (a banned substance by FDA).


There is no information about the ingredients available on the official website. However another source claims that the primary ingredients in Zantrex 3 are Green Tea Extract, Maca Root, Kola Nut, Schizonepeta, Tibetan, Panax Ginseng and Damiana.


The manufacturers of Zantrex 3 claim that the diet pill is designed for large amounts of weight loss while providing extreme energy with increased stamina. They claims that it is the best weight loss solution available in the market for rapid weight loss while gaining more energy for exercise. Zantrex 3 is easily available from the official website or from an online or local store.


  • Zentrex 3 is available at nutritional stores or can be ordered from the official website.
  • It contains some natural ingredients that might promote fast fat burning.
  • Zantrex 3 claims to be Ephedra-free while increasing energy level of the body.
  • Some users may have reactions from Zantrex 3 ingredients.
  • Of all the ingredients present, there are very few that are clinically proven to be effective in fast fat burning.
  • There are no customer testimonials on the official website.
  • Very little information on how the product helps burn fat fast is available.
  • The official website appears more like an infomercial.

The manufacturers of Zantrex 3 claims that it helps burn fat rapidly which might attract many consumers looking for a short term weight loss solution. Also it is easily available in stores and some of its ingredients present might actually help in weight reduction. However, the website just doesn’t look convincing enough, as there are no testimonials or reviews to back up their claims. Also very little information about the ingredients and effectiveness of the product is provided which does raises a few eyebrows. We would suggest to look of a products is effective and doesn’t come off as a doubtful weight loss solution.

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