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Sweet to Svelte created by Dr. McScott is a weight loss solution that gained great popularity just within a few days of its launch on the internet. This diet supplement is marketed as a healthy weight loss program where some users have claimed to lose as much as 40 pounds within the first 2 weeks of its use.

Sweet to Svelte weight loss supplement is available as a sweetened drink advertised to not only burn fat, but also decrease hunger and lower cholesterol level. Although it received much acclamation as it did in its initial days but the claims made did not last very long and has somewhat disappeared into the already crowded market of weight loss solutions.


No known ingredients list is available.


Sweet to Svelte is one of those diet supplements which do not have enough information available as there is no official website nor there is any list of ingredients available for us to study and figure out if this weight loss supplement really does what it claims. All the manufacturer claims is that the ingredients will suppress appetite, burn fat and lower cholesterol.

Moreover Sweet to Svelte is not available from any credible source and it is very rare to find a Sweet to Svelte review on the internet. Also neither any exercises are suggested, nor were there any diet plans which make this product a little doubtful as well.


  • Sweet to Svelte diet supplement is easy to use

The claim of losing 40 pounds in two weeks is very high as with no list of ingredients available it hard to figure out if this product can achieve this goal alone.

There is no official website or any information available about Sweet to Svelte

It’s hard to find the product in stores.


Sweet and Svelte seems to be one of those products that boast unrealistic claims as it is hard to find out without any listed ingredients and by the way 40 pounds in 2 weeks is a far cry. Furthermore, there is no official information or dealer available on the internet. We advise to stay away from such products as there are many other effective weight loss products available to try rather than spending your time, energy and money on such a product with few credible results.

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