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Diet Pills

Diet Pills for ages has been the talk of the town for people who are looking to lose weight as many of these tend to claim extra ordinary results in a short frame of time. This does appeal to a lot of users like you and for some can even be hard to resist. These diet pills might help you drop more pounds than other weight loss methods but beware; there are many fake products available in the market. At Diet Reference we look and review these diet pills to help you decide if they are the right solution for your weight loss goals.

    • ZendaSlim Customer Reviews ZendaSlim Customers Review

      ZendaSlim is a weight loss supplement that claims to help increase the metabolic rate of the body by two folds and hence lose weight.

    • Phentaslim Customer Reviews Phentaslim Customer Reviews

      Phentaslim by Optimum Nutra Inc. is a dietary supplement advertised as the “Intense Fat Burner for Men and Women” to help lose wight.

    • Slimmetry Customer Reviews Slimmetry Customer Review

      Slimmetry by Nutrilite is advertised to help you lose weight when used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet and regular exercise regime.

    • Skinny Fiber Customer... Skinny Fiber Customer Review

      Skinny Fiber by Skinny Body Care is a fiber supplement pill that claims to expand in the stomach to help you lose weight quickly.

    • Shredz For Women... Shredz Review

      Shredz for Women by Beyond Genetics Supplements claims to help burn fat, increase focus and provide energy to the body.

    • SAFSlim Belly Fat... SAFSlim Belly Fat Transformation Customer Review

      SAFSlim Belly Fat Transformation diet supplement claims to trim your waistline and decrease the risk of accompanying belly fat.

    • ReFirm Now Customer... ReFirm Customer Review

      ReFirm Now by Complete Nutrition is a diet kit that contains ReFirm AM, ReFirm PM and ReFirm Belly Fat Tablets and claims to boost metabolism.

    • Redotex Customer Reviews Redotex Customer Review

      Redotex by Medix is advertised as the “Mexican Miracle Diet Drug” that is the ultimate solution for all your weight loss goals.

    • Phytodren Customer Reviews Phytodren Customer Reviews

      Phytodren is advertised as an appetite suppressant that will burn fat and also increase the energy level in the body.

    • Phentermine Customer Reviews Phentermine Customer Reviews

      Phentermine AKA Adipex-P or Suprenza is an amphetamine-like prescription medication that works by releasing chemicals in the brain to help control the appetite.

    • Nuphedrine Customer Reviews Nuphedrine Customer Reviews

      Nuphedrine is a weight loss supplement advertised an “all-natural” product that claims to suppress appetite and boost metabolism.

    • Meta Slim Customer... Meta Slim Review

      Meta Slim Diet Supplement manufactured by Webber claims to control the metabolic rate of the body to help lose weight.

    • LipoThin Customer Reviews LipoThin Review

      LipoThin manufactured by Natures Science is a weight loss supplement advertised as the “most effective weight loss supplement on the market today.”

    • Liposlim Customer Reviews Liposlim Review

      Liposlim by Absolute Nutrition claims to help dieters lose weight by blocking carbs, fat and boost metabolism in the body.

    • Lipoplex Customer Reviews Lipoplex Review

      Lipoplex by Lipoplex Labs is targeted at women and claims to be a natural fat burning and appetite suppressing diet supplement.

    • LipoRush Customer Reviews LipoRush Review

      LipoRush by NDS Nutrition is a thermogenic dietary supplement that claims to increase the metabolism rate which might help burn fat & lose weight.

    • Leptiburn Customer Reviews Leptiburn Review

      LeptiBurn manufactured by BioTrust Nutrition is advertised as “honest nutrition for your ultimate body” that claims increase Leptin levels in the body.

    • Duromine Customer Reviews Duromine Review

      Duromine a commercial trade name for Phentermine is manufactured by an Australian Company named 3M intended for obese patients.

    • DHerbs Customer Reviews DHerbs Review

      DHerbs Full Body Cleanse supplements by DHERBS claims to help the digestive system work more efficiently and also increase the energy in the body.

    • Dexyfen Customer Reviews Dexyfen Reviews

      Dexyfen Weight Loss Supplement by Image Sports claims to suppress appetite and simulate metabolism to achieve your weight loss goals.

    • Dexatrim Customer Reviews Dexatrim Customer Reviews

      Dexatrim dietary supplement is available in several different diet products that include Max Complex, Daytime Appetite Control, Max Slim Pack, Natural Green Tea & Extra Energy,

    • Biphedadrene Customer Reviews Biphedadrene Customer Reviews

      BiphedAdrene manufactured by Generix Laboratories LLC is advertised as a super powerful fat burner & appetite suppressant to shed off weight quickly.

    • Bioslim Customer Reviews Bioslim Customer Reviews

      BioSlim manufactured by Medicus is a three-part program that contains the Bioslim pills, a diet plan and an exercise regime to help lose weight.

    • Ayurslim Customer Reviews Ayurslim Customer Reviews

      Ayurslim by Himalaya Health Care is advertised as a unique herbal product designed to assist its users with sugar cravings, Hyperlipidemia and obesity.

    • Avesil Customer Reviews Avesil Customer Reviews

      Avesil manufactured by Green Bracket LLC ia marketed as an innovative new thermogenic weight control product that is a “Fast Safe Weight Loss” solution.

    • Anatabloc Customer Reviews Anatabloc Customer Reviews

      Anatabloc by Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals is an anti-inflammatory supplement and claims to offer joint support and reduce chronic inflammation.

    • Amidren Customer Reviews Amidren Customer Reviews

      Amidren Weight Loss Supplement is targeted at men to treat Andropause. The The manufacturer claims that it can increase testosterone production and aid in fat loss.

    • Amberen Customer Reviews Amberen Customer Reviews

      Amberen Dietary Supplement is targeted toward women and claims to help them deal with symptoms of menopause and also lose weight.

    • Abidexin Customer Reviews Abidexin Customer Reviews

      Marketed as the “world’s strongest” fat burner, Abidexin diet pills by NutriPharm LLC claims to help reduce the body fat and boost the metabolism to maximize weight loss.

    • A.C.E. Customer Reviews A.C.E. Customer Reviews

      A.C.E. weight loss supplement by Saba stands for appetite, control and energy. The manufacturer claims that this supplement is designed to help burn fat and suppress the appetite.

    • Relora Customer Reviews Relora Customer Reviews

      Relora by Next Pharmaceuticals is an anti-anxiety weight loss supplement that claims to relieve stress and curb stress related to eating.

    • Reduze Customer Reviews Reduze Customer Reviews

      Reduze manufactured by Avenza is only sold in Singapore that claims to be a super slimming weight loss supplement that helps re-balance fat hormone levels.

    • Purisalv Customer Reviews Purisalv Customer Reviews

      Purisalv is a weight loss supplement that claims to be safe and natural and increases the metabolism, suppress the appetite and enhanced energy level in the body

    • Polyglycoplex Customer Reviews Polyglycoplex Customer Reviews

      PolyGlycoplex commonly known as PGX claims to control your appetite and suggests that you have your normal diet.

    • Phenocal Customer Reviews Phenocal Customer Reviews

      Phenocal by Pharmaxa Labs contains most modern and scientifically studied natural ingredients and claims to be a healthy weight loss solution.

    • Phenadrine Customer Reviews Phenadrine Customer Reviews

      Phenadrine manufactured by South African Company Biogen contains extremely popular ingredients that are known to aid in weight loss.

    • PGX Customer Reviews PGX Customer Reviews

      The manufacturer of PGX claims that this dietary supplement can help people with diabetics and regulate blood sugar levels in the body

    • Oxyelite Customer Reviews Oxyelite Customer Reviews

      Oxyelite also known as Oxyelite Pro is manufactured by USPlabs is marketed as a super thermogenic supplement that can aid in weight loss.

    • Oxydrene Customer Reviews Oxydrene Customer Reviews

      Oxydrene marketed as a herbal supplement by Novex Biotech claims to increase the oxygen saturation of the tissue and blood in the body.

    • Omega Cuts Customer... Omega Cuts Customer Reviews

      Omega Cuts Dietary Supplement is claimed to help in weight loss and can also maximum muscle health and get the body back in shape.

    • Nutrilite Customer Reviews Nutrilite Customer Reviews

      Nutrilite by Amway is a highly famous brand that offers a wide variety of products ranging from general nutrition, weight management and children’s nutrition.

    • Nopalina Customer Reviews Nopalina Customer Reviews

      Nopalina by Salud Natural Entrepreneurs Inc. is a fiber based supplement that can help keep digestive system healthy and also help with weight loss.

    • Naturale Trim Concentrate... Naturale Trim Concentrate Customer Reviews

      Naturale Trim Concentrate by Starlight claims that it can help dieters lose three times more weight than any other diet program available in the market.

    • Myotein Customer Reviews Myotein Customer Reviews

      Myotein by XPI is a protein powder that is marketed as a muscle builder which can be consumed before or after your work-out sessions in mornings or in the evenings.

    • Metamucil Customer Reviews Metamucil Customer Reviews

      Metamucil available in Metamucil fiber capsules, Metamucil fiber singles, Metamucil fiber powder and Metamucil fiber multi-grain wafers claims to enhance digestive health.

    • Mega Red Krill... Mega Red Krill Oil Customer Reviews

      Mega Red Krill Oil by Schiff might reduce the risks of coronary heart diseases and promotes cardiovascular health.

    • Look Slim 90... Look Slim 90 Customer Reviews

      Look Slim 90 manufactured by Healthy Me Inc is a unique night weight loss supplement that is available in two formulas: Original and an A.M formula.

    • Lean EFX Customer... Lean EFX Customer Reviews

      Lean EFX manufactured by Fahrenheit Nutrition is advertised as a complete weight loss solution that helps dieters to shred the unwanted fat.

    • L–Carnitine Customer Reviews L Carnitine Customer Reviews

      L-Carnitine is sold as a stand-alone supplement that has been used by people with medical conditions of the heart and blood vessels.

    • Trim 250 Forskolin Trim 250 Forskolin Customer Reviews

      Trim 250 Forskolin weight loss supplement is the latest buzz in the dietary supplement market that causes the body to burn fat from the inside and aid in weight loss.

    • Zantrex3 Customer Reviews Zantrex 3 Review

      Zantrex 3 diet supplement is advertised to boosts metabolism and claims that is gives five times better results than any other weight loss product available in the market today.

    • Xenadrine Customer Reviews Xenadrine Review

      Xenadrine weight loss pills by Cytodyne Technologies claims to help reduce fat and boost energy levels in the body.

    • Tonalin Customer Reviews Tonalin Review

      Tonalin AKA Tonalin CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) claims to help decrease body fat while conserving and enhancing lean muscles in the body

    • Sensa Weight Loss... Sensa Weight Loss Customer Reviews

      Sensa Weight Loss System, a six month program by Dr. Alan Hirsch is advertised as a natural way to lose that works by controlling the eating habits.

    • RipFire Customer Reviews RipFire Customer Reviews

      RipFire is a muscle building formula that claims to boost energy and is targeted to users who are working hard to build their muscles.

    • Reveal Extreme Customer... Reveal Extreme Customer Reviews

      Reveal Extreme by Complete Nutrition is a 60-day weight loss program that contains several different ingredients which works collectively to reduce weight and fight off hunger.

    • Rapid Burn Customer... Rapid Burn Review

      Rapid Burn by PF Corporation is bundled with two kinds of pills; one geared towards suppressing hunger to reduce calorie intake, while the other is for burning fat.

    • Quick Slim Customer... Quick Slim Customer Reviews

      Quick Slim AKA Quick Slim-30 is marketed as the “the healthiest diet pill on the planet,” aimed at women and is advised to be consumed once a day before breakfast with a full glass of water.

    • NV Diet Pill... NV Diet Pill Customer Reviews

      NV Diet Pills is marketed as the “Hollywood’s best kept secret” and claims to reduce weight and enhance beauty at the same time.

    • Nutrim Customer Reviews Nutrim Customer Reviews

      Nutrim manufactured by VDF FutureCeuticals Inc. is an oat bran fiber advertised as a natural remedy to reduce cholesterol in the body.

    • MetaBurn Customer Reviews MetaBurn Customer Reviews

      MetaBurn manufactured by MetaBurn is a weight loss supplement that is available in two versions: Meta-Burn EF and Meta-Burn XTP.

    • Meizitang Customer Reviews Meizitang Review

      Meizitang Diet Supplement claims to help dieters lose weight by burning off body fat and suppressing the food cravings by targeting specific regions of the body.

    • Lumatrim Customer Reviews Lumatrim Customer Reviews

      Lumatrim Dietary Supplement claims to a solution for weight loss as it is marketed to reduce appetite by generating calorie deficit in the body.

    • Liproxenol Customer Reviews Liproxenol Customer Reviews

      Liproxenol marketed towards women claims to boost metabolism, reduce fat digestion, curb hunger, promote fat oxidation and heighten thermo genesis.

    • Lipo Femme Customer... Lipo Femme Customer Reviews

      Lipo Femme a diet supplement for women by women claims to reduce appetite, and shed off excessive pounds & inches from the body.

    • Isagenix Customer Reviews Isagenix Customer Reviews

      Isagenix offers products like Isagenix Cleanse for Life, Isagenix Soup and Isagenix Shake that claim to provide nutrition, cleansing and skin care.

    • Hydroxycut Customer Reviews Hydroxycut Customer Reviews

      Hydroxycut weight loss supplement is available as Hydroxycut max, Hydroxycut Hardcore Pro and Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Max.

    • Healthy Trim Customer... Healthy Trim Customer Reviews

      Healthy Trim by Healthy Life Sciences is a dietary supplement that is advertised to have all-natural ingredients with no side effects to aid in weight loss.

    • GTF Chromium Diet... GTF Chromium Diet Customer Reviews

      GTF Chromium is a mineral that claims to help regulate carbohydrate levels, suppress hunger, and increase energy levels in the body.

    • Green Tea Fat... Green Tea Fat Burner Customer Reviews

      Green Tea Fat Burner by Applied Nutrition uses of large amount of stimulants in its ingredients which might result in nervousness, nausea, insomnia and irritability.

    • Glucosulin Customer Reviews Glucosulin Customer Reviews

      Glucosulin is advertised to help users lose weight by supporting healthy sugar level and claims to reduce the rate at which carbohydrates are absorbed in the body.

    • Fat Blaster Customer... Fat Blaster Customer Reviews

      Fat Blaster claims to burn excess fat by suppressing the user’s diet while boosting the metabolism and turning carbohydrates into energy.

    • Diurex Water Pills... Diurex Water Pills Customer Reviews

      Diurex Water Pills promises a relatively natural way to lose weight and claims to help prevent/control several issues like bloating, abdominal swelling & fatigue.

    • Diurex Customer Reviews Diurex Customer Reviews

      Diurex by Alva-Amco are dietary pills that claims to be completely different from the rest as these pills are focused on water weight reduction in the body.

    • CTS360 Customer Reviews CTS360 Customer Reviews

      CTS360 Weight Loss Supplement Kit by Complete Nutrition is advertised as a complete weight loss solution that helps burn fat and accelerate the metabolism rate in the body.

    • Banital Weight Loss... Banital Weight Loss Customer Reviews

      Banital weight loss supplement claims to improve the metabolism, metabolize calories & carbohydrates, control the appetite, and boost the energy levels in the body.

    • Apidexin Customer Reviews Apidexin Customer Reviews

      Apidexin available in capsule form is a vegetarian based weight loss supplement that claims to shed off 7 pounds of weight for the average user.

    • Almased Customer Reviews Almased Customer Reviews

      Manufactured by Almased USA Inc, the Almased diet supplement is advertised as a healthy diet program and promises that the individuals won’t feel hungry when on this supplement.

    • African Mango Customer... African Mango Customer Reviews

      African Mango by Applied Nutritional Research is advertised as a trendy weight loss solution and works by simultaneously burning fat and cleansing the body.

    • Acai Trim Customer... Acai Trim Customer Reviews

      Acai Trim manufactured by Californian company named Amerivite claims that this diet supplement enhances performance, alertness, productivity, concentration and energy.

    • Fruta Planta Customer... Fruta Planta Review 2014

      Fruta Planta weight loss supplement is advertised as an ideal weight loss product for women willing to shed off post pregnancy weight.

    • Focus Factor Customer... Focus Factor Review 2014

      Focus Factor by Vital Basics claims to provide essential chemicals for the brain so it can operate at higher levels and increase concentration.

    • Fat Magnet Customer... Fat Magnet Customer Reviews

      Fat Magnet is a weight loss pill that claims to concentrate on reducing the transit time of the foods in the digestive tract.

    • Everslim Customer Reviews Everslim Customer Reviews

      Everslim marketed towards women claims to enhance metabolic rate, decrease appetite and cravings to ensure weight and fat loss.

    • Diet Dots Customer... Diet Dots Customer Reviews

      Diet Dots Weight Loss Supplement claims to curb hunger, boost metabolism and increase energy in the body to help with weight loss.

    • Detoxufree72 Customer Reviews Detoxufree72 Customer Reviews

      Detoxufree 72 claims to scientifically designed with 100% natural and safe ingredients to help lose weight by a process of detoxification.

    • Dernbuterol Customer Reviews Dernbuterol Customer Reviews

      Dernbuterol by Maximum Human Performance claims to assists the body builders so they can achieve perfect shape and body contour.

    • Decatrim Customer Reviews Decatrim Customer Reviews

      Decatrim weight loss claims to be a unique diet supplement available in the market that can help lose up to 10 pounds in just 10 days.

    • D-Fine8 Customer Reviews D-Fine8 Customer Reviews

      D-Fine8 by Muscle Werks claims to build lean muscle while considerably improving excess fat oxidation in the body.

    • Chromemate Customer Reviews Chromemate Customer Reviews

      ChromeMate based on Chromium claims to regulate the user’s insulin levels, burn off carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

    • Carb Cutter Customer... Carb Cutter Customer Reviews

      Carb Cutter claims to prevent the absorption of carbohydrates in the digestive system so that they are not turned into fat.

    • Aspire Weight Loss... Aspire Weight Loss Customer Reviews

      Aspire Weight Loss by Everest Nutrition Corporation claims that its ingredients can efficiently purify digestion and blocks carbohydrates.

    • Antagolin Customer Reviews Antagolin Customer Reviews

      Antagolin by Medical Nutritiona is a weight loss pill that claims to help alleviate insulin resistance and thereby result in effective weight loss.

    • Acai Fresh Customer... Acai Fresh Customer Reviews

      Acai Fresh is an acai based that claims to produces detoxifying effects that in turn make you feel light and more energized.

    • Ab Cuts Customer... Ab Cuts Customer Reviews

      Ab Cuts AKA Abdominal Cuts is a diet supplement that claims to kill the sugar cravings and burn all the unwanted fat in the body.

    • The Waterfall Diet... The Waterfall Diet

      The Waterfall Diet Book by Linda Lazarides claims not only to reduce weight but helps you will feel stronger and treat some medical conditions.

    • TestoRipped Customer Reviews TestoRipped Review

      TestoRipped is advertised towards men who are looking to reduce excess body fat, increase energy, improve lean muscle mass and boost testosterone levels.

    • Svetol Customer Reviews Svetol Customer Reviews

      Svetol manufactured by Naturex is the brand name of Green Coffee advertised as the only diet ingredient in the market that works.

    • Relacore Customer Reviews Relacore Customer Reviews

      The Relacore weight loss pills are advertised to help users remove feeling of stress and also help in weight loss.

    • Power Slim Customer... Power Slim Customer Reviews

      Power Slim is a weight loss supplement advertised to control the eating habits and burn calories so users can lose weight.

    • Phenorex Customer Reviews Phenorex Customer Reviews

      Phenorex by Gaspari is advertised as an “Intense Thermogenic Bio-Amine” and claims to help lose weight and build lean muscles.

    • Lipozene Customer Reviews Lipozene Customer Reviews

      Lipozene by the Obesity Research Institute is advertised as a “safe and effective” diet supplement that can aid in reduction of weight and body fat.

    • Glucomannan Customer Reviews Glucomannan Customer Reviews

      Glucomannan is a really hyped weight loss produced advertised as “the weight loss breakthrough of the century.”

    • Demograss Customer Reviews Demograss Customer Reviews

      Demograss by Laboratorio PRONSAUR claims to be designed to crush and release the fat accumulated in the urinary tract.

    • Anavar Customer Reviews Anavar Customer Reviews

      Anavar Diet Supplement and a well-known brand name of Oxandrolone, which is an anabolic androgenic steroid.

    • AmyTrim Customer Reviews AmyTrim Customer Reviews

      AmyTrim manufactured by Quantum International Pvt. Ltd is advertised as an all-out health product that encourages the body to burn fat.

    • 14 Day Acai... 14 Day Acai Berry Cleanse Customer Reviews

      14 Day Acai Berry Cleanse by Applied Nutrition is marketed towards women who might experience fatigue and bloating by cleansing waste from the digestive system.